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Ownership of INNOV8 Hospitality Solutions

INNOV8 Hospitality Solutions is a proud Kiwi owned company and we are based in Wellington.
Our legal company name is Skar Investments Limited – trading as INNOV8 Hospitality Solutions.


What services do you provide?

INNov8 Hospitality Solutions exists to serve the needs of boutique hotels, motels, hostels and vacation rentals in all facets of distribution management, sales and revenue management, efficiency planning, consultancy, housekeeping services and profit generation.


How do I know that INNov8 Hospitality Solutions is the right fit for me?

We are a group of professionals with over 40 years of experience working mainly in large Hotel chains Internationally in all facets of the hotel and hospitality Industry.  Our passion is to help independent hoteliers be extremely successful in managing the administrational and back of house challenges by making it easy for you the owner.


What can I expect from a Free consultation with you?

This is a no obligation chat where we discuss your goals, objectives and how some actions could get you on the right path to success.  We may suggest some solutions based on the scenario you present and if you see the benefit we can arrange to meet or discuss further.


I have a small motel of less than 15 rooms and would like to know if you can provide direction for a small property of this size?

We, like you, own and operate small motels and hotels and this is where we specialise. We work with motels and hotels between 1 – 70 rooms. We realised that there was a gap in the market where the big hotel chains have the advantage of resources, research and development, data, manpower and expertise over independent hotel/motel businesses. We understand what independent businesses require to stay ahead of the game through our expertise in large international chains as well as owning and operating boutique hotels and motels.


How do you customize your services for niche properties?

All accommodation offerings are different, and we respect that each accommodation product has a succinct market that serves this purpose.  We understand this well as our own brands service these niche needs and we market our products accordingly. ​

Based on your niche we will customise your plan which may include attracting other market segments, distribution of your products in other platforms, performing an in-depth SWOT analysis and provide direction on rate setting.


My motel is struggling in a changing marketplace. Can you help us stay relevant?

Staying relevant in the marketplace is everything and we take the time an effort in understanding the challenges you face.  The SWOT analysis will give some idea but we will take a deep dive and look at all parts of your business including market segments, technology, distribution mix, time wasters, systems (PMS & Channel Manager), audits (own website and OLTAs), pick up pace, year on year results and much more.


Our brand needs a refresh; will you be able to help us with branding?

Absolutely!  We specialise in providing a strong brand for your property which will be visually appealing as well as providing all relevant collateral (brand guidelines, in room collateral and guest amenities) as well as SOPs for the operational staff to follow.  This not only creates brand value to customers, but you will also be able to take advantage of the many benefits at the group level. If your intention is to retire in the coming years a strong brand could enhance your exit strategy greatly.


What are your brands, and do we have to commit to a brand if we work with you?

Our Hotel Group is called U Hotel Group – www.uhotelgroup.com and our brands include the following:

  • U Boutique Hotel – truly boutique in nature with memorable touchpoints
  • U Residence Hotel – Upscale serviced apartments
  • U Studios – Motel style accommodation
  • U Suites – Our answer to AirBNB is for individual owners to market and distribute themselves in the same way as hotels


There is no obligation to be part of a brand if you do not want to re-brand or refresh your property.  Our management model looks after the back end of your business as we manage your distribution revenue management and marketing without the branding collateral and guidelines. 

​Can we get a discount for packaging RevM8/RevM8 Premium with Boxed Up Solutions?

Yes, our all-inclusive packages are designed to make it easy for you to focus on your most important asset – your guest.  Leave the Pricing, Revenue Management, Digital and Social Media Marketing to us!  See our discounted pricing here – link to the pricing page.

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